Zervit is the first compact, portable HTTP/Web Server made for human beings. It is being developed thinking in the people that will make use of it and tries to make itself intuitive. It aims to make file sharing or displaying a web easier than the current servers do.

New! Zervit add icons to directory listing, art provided by djTuxy.

Why Zervit?

Zervit is a server that has many advantages:

  • Works with most well-known browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.
  • Supports directory listing with icons making file sharing easy between computers.
  • It is compact, a few kbytes and doesn't need additional libraries or dependencies.
  • Its configuration is really easy and done from a menu, doesn't needs large configuration text files.
  • It doesn't need to be installed, runs as a single executable.
  • It doesn't need the last NASA pc to work, just a Pentium with some MB of ram.
  • Is really fast and supports multiple requests at the same time.
  • Works on all Windows platforms
  • How about Linux?, this also works on Linux!

Is Zervit for me?

If you have never used a HTTP server or don't want complications and want to share your website with friends, yes.

If you need to share files in the network or internet, don't waste your time setting up a file server, Zervit is for you, just copy it to the folder you want to share, double-click and file sharing is done.

If you are an experienced user that likes writing large configuration files and don't know why there is still a mouse near the keyboard, well, just give Zervit an oportunity and you will understand.

What is Zervit not?

This server is stable and supports multiple requests, but is not optimized for big loads of data, so if you are planning to serve many webs and files simultaneosly it is better to use other servers more prepared for that task.
It also doesn't support dynamic webs, as the ones done with PHP, ASP or JSP. Maybe it is incorpored in the future or when requested by the users. The main problem with this is that the server will not be compact any more as will need to use those language libraries.