How to...

Zervit is a really easy piece of software to use that can be explained in some steps.
If you are using Linux or want to compile it under Windows, first read the building howto.

Use Zervit

First download Zervit or build it from sources(needed for linux) and then follow this steps.

  • Place the executable in the folder you want to share.
  • Double click or exec the zervit.exe file.
Now the configuration:
  • Write the port you want zervit to listen. You may know that some ports are blocked by the browsers or for example Internet Explorer doesn't let you change the port to connect(so you may choose 80).
  • Then you have to decide if you want Zervit to list directories if no file is accessed. If you are serving a web it is not recommended.
  • Then the message Zervit STARTED should appear, if not, is because an error happened, repeat steps from the start and try changing the port.
  • Maybe you may tell the firewall to let Zervit listen on the port.
  • Now you can access the files typing http://yourip:port/ in your favorite browser. If you are sharing files in your network you can see your ip from the connection configuration. If you want to share files over the internet you need your global ip (check it from here) .

Build from sources

The new build system doesnt use makefiles any more, it has been changed to scons fot its easy configuration and use. So in order to build the project you will need an installation of scons in your system (say *nix or windows).

If you are using Linux, this step can not be avoided but i think that is not too complicated for a Linux user.
First download the sources from the downloads page and extract them in a directory.
Then change directory to src/ , type scons and you may see all the building process, if everything goes well you should see a new file named zervit in the folder
That's all, complicated no?

In Windows there is a different story. You are building the source because you just like compilation process or because you are hacking code. So..
Download the sources and extract them, move to src/ and run scons, remember that you will need scons and any version of Visual Studio installed.
Or if you are using mingw or other soft, then you will have to try if scons recognize mingw or write a hack for the build system(will be pleased if you share it) or compile it by hand. Remember to link with winsock2 lib or it wont build.

Help with the project

If you are interested to help with the project because you have an idea, a piece of code, a icon or think that you can become a developer of Zervit, of anything else check the section contribute.